Serving retired teachers, school and board administrators, university and college faculty,
educational support staff, secretarial and custodial staff of Peterborough County.

 Latest Update: Jan 9 .Open Window to transfer from your individual plan to our group plan. Find out how you can do better..

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Goodwill   -  If you know of any members of RTO/ERO District 36 who are seriously ill or shut in, please contact us. Also, let us know of the passing of any members of District 36 so a donation in the member's memory will be made to an appropriate charity.

RTO District 36 welcomes new members to our Executive and Board. Contact the President to find out how you can join this exciting group, have fun and help your fellow retirees

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Jan 17 Breakfast
Feb 20 Scholarship Applications due
Feb 21 Breakfast
Feb 24 Retirement Planning Workshop
Mar 21 Breakfast
Apr 18 Breakfast
May 11 50th Anniversary Celebration
May 16 Breakfast
June 12 Spring Luncheon
June 20 Breakfast

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